Tuesday, January 1, 2013

one more time, with feeling.

This is me trying to make sure that this actually turns into a commitment instead of a New-Year's-Resolution-That-Will-Fail-In-One-Week. If not for me, at least for my dear friend, Kara, who made this blog look as beautiful as it does. (Thank you!)

My goals for the new year are as follows:
-blog more, and give myself things to blog about
-connect at Watermark Community Church and be more involved
-visit 2 places I've never been
-cook and/or bake something (at least) 4 times a week
-craft something at least once a month
...and, as usual, my old standby: quit chewing my nails. Pretty sure I've been making that resolution since I was 10. One of these years!

Last night, to ring in the new year, I had a few friends over for an intimate dinner. It was delicious, ya'll. I'll post those recipes soon, but they will unfortunately be lacking pictures. I was a little caught up trying to make a 3-course meal and play hostess at the same time. I was pretty proud of myself, I must admit.
I did manage to snag a shot of the place settings.

I made menus and used confetti paper placemats that my sister got me for Christmas. They're a really great concept and can be found here.

Happy New Year to you all!
I propose a toast to following through with our resolutions and to bettering ourselves in 2013. *clink*


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