Saturday, July 27, 2013

baby on the way.

My sister and her husband, Justin, are about 35 weeks into their pregnancy with my nephew, Levi. The whole family is completely over the moon about the idea of this sweet new family member. Last weekend, we threw Annelise two showers (one for family, one for friends) and both were huge successes!
I had to share some pictures because the themes were just too cute! (Though, excuse the quality. You guessed it! I forgot my camera...)

Levi's nursery is monster themed, so we ran with that for the first shower.
I made cake balls with candy eyes and toasted coconut hair, sandwiches with cheese teeth and olive eyes, and my cousin made cupcakes with googly eyes attached.

We also cut mouth-shaped holes in shoe boxes to use as utensil holders. It's hilarious how much character you can add to inanimate object by simply adding eyeballs.
The centerpiece was a somewhat non-traditional diaper cake made with cloth diapers. My sister has decided to take a very natural approach to raising her child and has some really great ideas. She has a blog, here, if you're interested in tips or seeing how things are working for her!

The second shower was Texas themed because, if you know anything about Annelise, you know she's Tex-obsessed. This shower was rustic and adorable.
We had a giant mason jar drink dispenser serving iced tea and lemonade, two bundt cakes, cowboy caviar, pecan treats, and watermelon slices.
 The house was also decorated with baby's breath and sunflowers. So fresh and sweet!

Although I'm already dreading being called Auntie Em (Justin has promised this will be the first thing he's going to teach Levi), I cannot WAIT for this sweet boy to be born!


  1. i can't wait for him to be born either and i don't even know your sister! i always wanted to be an aunt first, but i guess i'll have to settle for mama :) cute shower decorations, i squealed out loud about the sandwiches :)

  2. This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!! And, I'm stealing all of your ideas for the boy that will, at some point, come to the Pena family. Excited for Annelise and Justin! XD