Monday, January 27, 2014

things i love, lately - january.

It's been a good month to start the new year off right.
Many things to love and be happy about, including

trips to see this new babe and have girl time, leading to...

trips to have excellent food and slurpy noodles.

great beards and greater weather.

lifelong friends, delicious presentation, and powdered sugar noses.

 crafty goodness and gifts sent to faraway states.

quiet mornings with the perfect latte.

new places featuring some of my favorite drinks.

sincerely, my new favorite drink.
please go try this beet-infused tequila cocktail.
you will not regret it. and please invite me when you go.

edible faces on thoughtful gifts from sweet friends.

Has the first month of the new year been good to you?

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