Wednesday, March 26, 2014

things i love, lately - march 2014.

I'm sooo happy to see Spring, finally! The weather has been up and down all month, but when it's up, it's been absolutely gorgeous. I can officially say that I've gotten my first sunburn of the year, but I just had to enjoy that 80 degree day by spending it outside! I'd have been crazy not to.

A few other things that have made this month one to be thankful for:

breakfasts at home spent in the Word that make my heart and tummy happy.

humbling views on the drive home from work.

baby rosemary, basil, and thyme sprouts to make me feel accomplished!

the best key lime pie in town, eaten on Pi Day.

happy hearts revealed in side-by-side shoes.

texts from my brother-in-law that have THIS FACE staring back at me!

blue light shenanigans spent with old elementary school girlfriends.
(terrible quality; don't care!)

My very early attempt at gardening has begun with 3 pots of herbs that will be transplanted outside once they're big enough. I'm so excited for rosemary and thyme seasoned pork tenderloin and basil pesto from my own garden! Coming next month, I hope to also have tomato and red pepper plants and hopefully some other seeds on their way.
Spring is such a beautiful season for growth and new beginnings. I feel it in my life the same way I see it in my growing herbs.

How are you growing lately? What are you growing lately??

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