Friday, March 7, 2014

things to do in dallas - coffee shops, pt 1.

Dallas has a great number of unique, quirky coffee shops that I've been frequenting lately to get my caffeine fix. I thought I'd share my findings here, so that you might find a new must-stop along your morning commute. These aren't necessarily the best of the best (though some are), but rather a great sampling of what Dallas has to offer so you might check them out yourself.
To make things fair, I ordered the same at each location: a nonfat vanilla latte because I love sugar, but like to pretend I'm being healthy(er) by getting skim milk.

The post was getting too long, so I split it into several separate posts that I intend on continuing as I discover more places. If I'm missing your favorite shop, let me know! I'll go check it out.

Cultivar Coffee (White Rock Lake)
Also good for your morning breakfast taco shop, Cultivar shares it's location with Good 2 Go Tacos. This is a bit of an odd location - not really near anything else. The coffee is good, though, and you won't have to fight long lines to get it.

Ascension Coffee (Design District)
This coffee shop is quickly becoming my favorite in Dallas. Their lunch and dinner menus look great - I'll have to try them soon. The baristas are friendly and helpful (and remembered me from past visits which I found to be very sweet and neighborly.) I'll keep coming back to this one.

Oddfellows (Bishop Arts District)
Not simply a coffee shop, but, rather, my favorite brunch spot in Dallas. This cafe is overrun on the weekends, but makes for a great, take-your-time breakfast during the week. Any time you want to go, just holler at me; I promise I'll be up for it. Boasts one of the better lattes.

Mudsmith (Lower Greenville)
This coffee shop is for the die-hard hipster out there. Animal busts adorn the walls and the shop as a whole has a decidedly manly feel to it. There aren't any cushy chairs to lounge in, but still lots of seating to set up with your laptop and get some work done. They feature several local beers on tap, as well, and have fun events each month like "Drink and Drawl" and an "Unfiltered" open mic night.

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