Tuesday, April 8, 2014

100 happy days.

Have ya'll seen the hashtag #100happydays floating around your twitter, facebook, or instagram feeds?
I was curious what it was about, so I checked it out. The website challenges readers to document something that makes them happy for 100 days in a row. Naturally, I immediately signed up to participate.

The website claims that 71% of the people who have signed up have failed, citing "lack of time" as the number one reason. I can absolutely see that being a reason I may not live up to the challenge, but I'm determined to be in the 29%!
There are so many wonderful things in day to day life that we - I - miss and I want to start noticing those simple, small things more. If nothing else, it will hopefully open up my eyes to the world around me more. Some people argue that it's hard to document a feeling, but I look forward to finding my small bit of happiness daily.

You can follow my #100happydays progress on my instagram feed.
I hope hope hope you will join me in this challenge! Leave a comment telling me if you have!
What has made you happy today?

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