Thursday, October 23, 2014

things to do in fort worth - date night.

Peter and I took a field trip last night into Ft. Worth!
We usually stick pretty close to Dallas because I am a snob and it's just what we're familiar with.
We also rarely see each other during the week because he lives at the northwest corner of the metroplex and I live at the southeast corner, so it's just not reasonable to drive an hour (at least) through traffic to rush through dinner to make it home before bedtime. Yes, bedtime.
So naturally, when Peter asked if I wanted to get together sometime this week for dinner, I, his loving fiance said, "why?" I am terrible.
To make up for my lapse in judgement, I offered to drive to North Richland Hills early and hang out with his mom (Hi, Deborah!) before he got home from work. Excellent plan! She and I had coffee at a place you can look for in my next coffee shop post. ;)

Back to our date!
We started at Bite City Grill which was inexplicably dead. The food was incredible and if you're reading this and live in Ft. Worth, please go there for dinner tonight because you will not regret it.
We started with the charred octopus which was gobbled up before any photos could be taken. Pete stuck with a burger for dinner, while I had grilled salmon on a bed of roasted veggies and polenta. The flavor was perfect.
The atmosphere was really sweet and romantic as well, but casual. We sat outside in delightful 70* weather under twinkle lights strung along the trees on the patio.
After dinner, we headed to Melt, an ice cream shop I'd been wanting to check out for a while.
It's such a cute little building, brightly colored so it's hard to miss! They have a chalkboard on the side of the building for anyone to leave their mark and inside, the flavors are written on a roll of butcher paper attached to the wall. I got "The Great Pumpkin" which was coffee and pumpkin flavored, while Peter got "This is my YAM", a sweet potato and maple flavored ice cream. We both liked ours quite a bit.

It was a very sweet and fun night in Fort Worth. We definitely need to venture that way more frequently.
Any of y'all have favorite Ft Worth haunts that I must check out?


  1. Hayley GildersleeveOctober 23, 2014 at 11:44 AM

    1. I see you installed Disqus! Thoughts?? I'm still debating... I"m mostly afraid of losing all of my old comments :( 2. What a lovely night you two had! So fun :) I love date nights.

  2. Yes! I have had it for less than 24 hours, but I am already very pleased. Yes, I lost all my old comments, but I was previously using a google plus format and it was VERY frustrating to me, so I can only imagine how it was for people trying to leave comments. I think what you have now is fine; I've never had an issue leaving comments on your blog.