Tuesday, November 4, 2014

now hear this - wild cub + bleachers.

It's been a while since I've been to a concert and it felt great to get out Sunday night with my musical soulmate, Rachel, to listen to some great bands. I went on a ticket buying spree in July, so this is the first of three shows I'll be attending in the next 2 weeks and my ears are both very happy (music!) and very sad (ringing ears for days!).

First up was Wild Cub, the opener for the main act.
They are a great indie quartet from Nashville who first appeared on my radar with their delightfully sweet song, Thunder Clatter. Legend is that the lead singer, Keegan DeWitt, wrote it for his wife and when he and some friends decided to record it, they thought, "Huh. We sound pretty good!" And thus Wild Cub was formed.
They put on a great show and the lead singer's dancing was infectious and hilarious. I've never seen such fast, rubber-bandy legs. They're generally less dancey than what I usually listen to, so it's a nice departure from my usual. Perfect for listening while picnicking with your main squeeze.

Listen to Thunder Clatter now.

Next up was the headliner, Bleachers.
The lead singer/guitarist is Jack Antonoff of Steel Train and fun. He started this band as a sort of side project while touring with fun. and by the time the tour was over, he had an entire secret album planned out in his head. He was a major crowd pleaser and interacted with the audience in such a fun way.
Also, major saxophone cred to one of the band members! Also, also, two drum kits on stage? Awesome. It was such a fun show and you could tell they were having a blast up there.

Their most popular song, I Wanna Get Better, has been all over your favorite commercials and radio stations this summer, so I'll offer their newest single which is just as fun to sing along to. Perfect for listening while road tripping with your BFF.

Listen to Rollercoaster now.

Have you been to any good shows lately?

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