Friday, December 12, 2014

fabby friday.

Y'all. I'm getting married in less than 20 days. WHAT.
Leave it to me to choose the most stressful time of year to tie the knot. Ha!

A few things keeping me sane (plus my friends, fiance, family, etc. You guys are the bomb dot com.):

A new trend I could totally get behind that Peter would likely never allow me to get behind.


I don't know where they got their cookie butter, but I feel some Trader Joe's cookie butter pancakes coming on!

The Secret Life of Passwords - great read!

A very interesting article highlighting a (tragic) phenomenon among Christians called, "Moralistic Therapeutic Deism".

I'm going to see The Nutcracker ballet tonight and pretend it's Christmas-y weather outside instead of a high of 72*. What are your weekend plans??

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