Sunday, February 24, 2013

30 before 30 - fashion show

So I've been thinking about this...and I think we've finally reached that point in our relationship where I feel comfortable telling you...

....about my 30 Before 30.
I don't remember when or where I got the idea for this, I just know that when I heard about it, I knew I had to do it. And I'm so glad I did! I have been more adventurous, risk-taking, and exciting in the past two years than I ever have been.

I'll start with the ones I've already done (complete with picture proof, if applicable):
1. Go skiing. Terrible. There is no picture proof of this. World's Most Nonathletic Person, right here.
2. To go Las Vegas. AWESOME.

3. Buy a new car. My Jeep Patriot that Peter so lovingly calls "The Greatriot".
4. Go to a music festival. Also awesome; I went to Kanrocksas.
5. Sing karaoke in public. Thank GOD there is no proof of this, hahaha.
6. Go to New Orleans. Went by myself, loved it, yes.
7. Buy something designer. This Marc Jacobs bag.
8. Skydive!!! My favorite from the list so far. I hiiiiiighly recommend.

9. Shoot a gun. There was an accompanying picture, but it was not cute. So. No proof.
10. Go bungee jumping. This and skiing are tied in terms of which was more painful.
11. Get LASIK. I have robot eyes now (and terrible night vision).
12. Run a 5K. It should really say "run" because, well, we don't need to discuss my time. Just know that some of the obese people on The Biggest Loser got better times than I did...

And my newest addition:
13. Go to a fashion show!
A few weeks ago, my Aunt Lisa bought me a plane ticket to Denver to meet our favorite Project Runway contestant, Mondo. We got VIP tickets to bump elbows at a charity event with him and a few other PR stars. It was so silly and fun and at the end of the night, there was a fashion show!
From left: Mondo, Peach Carr, and Michael Costello. The Project Runway contestants and judges of the Denver School of the Arts runway show. The students were challenged to use only upcycled materials from Goodwill to create their garments. It was really cool! Afterwards, they had up-and-coming designers show off their collections, made using the same "upcycled" concepts.

 And now for the rest of the list. The items I haven't completed, but hope to soon! (Or, rather, within the next 5 years.)
14. Go white water rafting.
15. Go snorkeling
16. Attend a film festival. My dad and I saw Liberal Arts at DIFF last year, but I don't particularly count it, because we only saw the one film. I'm hoping for Sundance someday.
17. Get "good enough" at photography. This is all subjective, I suppose.
18. Take a cooking class. Central Market offers some really great ones.
19. Grow a successful vegetable garden.
20. Pay for a stranger's meal.
21. Make pottery with my own hands on a wheel.
22. Get a secret posted on Postsecret.
23. Stop chewing nails. Hah.
24. Be hypnotized (to stop chewing nails...?)
25. Go to Disneyworld/The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
26. Go on a cruise!
27. Travel to more of Europe.
28. Ride in a hot air balloon.
29. Join a book club.
30. Go paintballing.

If you can make any of these happen for me, I will love you forever.
What's on your bucket list?? I wanna know!



  1. Right now I live only a couple hours away from The Wizarding World of Harry P and snorkeling. Come visit me and I'll make it happen.

  2. i introduced my 30 before 30 after our trip to vegas!! but i didn't tell what was on my list. some of mine include: climb a *legit* mountain, read all of jane austen's novels, buy a last-minute travel deal, read the entire bible from cover to cover, ride in a hot air balloon, and visit all kerbey lane locations :)