Tuesday, February 12, 2013

love is in the air.

I'm normally not huge into Valentine's Day, but this year I decided to be a little different. I hosted a panty party (yup!) last week and just haaaad to decorate for the occasion.
What? You've never heard of a panty party? Puhlease. A panty party is much like Secret Santa where all the participants get the panty size and preference of another girl and bring them a surprise pair to the party. It's a lot of fun and a quick way to break the ice if some guests don't know each other!

I had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures! But I did get a pic of the spread of food. Obviously the most important thing.

I made phyllo-wrapped asparagus with parmesan, baked brie cups, a yogurt-avocado-cilantro dip (suh tasty!). My friend Rachel brought the raspberry cheesecake cups you see. Yum!

As for the decorations, both were inspired by Pinterest, but I added my own little twist.
For the paper heart wreath, I cut inch-wide strips from a 12"x12" sheet of scrapbook paper. I folded each strip in half, then bent the edges together to form a heart. I then stapled the ends together with the fold of another strip in between. Following? The pictures can explain it better for you.


I continued doing this until I had enough for a wreath and discovered that I had TONS of strips leftover. I used the same concept with those to make chains to hang from the ceiling.

When I hung the wreath on my front door, it seemed so lonely.
It is Valentine's Day after all, so I made it a companion. :)

For this, I punched hearts out of paint sample strips and strung them up with needle and thread. I LOVE the way this turned out on my front door. So sweet!

Just seeing this when I walk in my front door makes my heart happy!


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