Friday, February 15, 2013

things I love, lately - february.

2013 had so far been a pretty stellar year.
I'm pleased to report that my wishful thinking that this blog would inspire me to get out and do more is actually coming true.
I've been baking, hosting, partying, discovering, meeting, adventuring, and becoming a yogi. I am happy. These are a few things that are making me so:

My dear friend, Michael, is very very talented at many things. Cooking happens to be one of them. Also, presentation. Wow. Prepare to be amazed.

I call this one: Portrait of a Gentledog

Shared plates at yummy places with good friends.

This freshly shaved pup whom I just can't get enough of. So sweet.

Quick trips to Denver, one of my favorite places on earth.
Snow, family, and adventures. What could be better?

We're halfway through February! Wow.

[ADDENDUM: How could I forget?? My new, sweet baby cousin.]

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