Tuesday, May 28, 2013

things I love - may.

Remember me? It's been a while.
Let's look at the things I've loved lately --

Have you ever cooked with Paparadelle pasta? It's adorable. One, long noodle all coiled up that makes for excellent slurping when cooked.

Bad: scary tornado storms. Good: my snugglepup back in full force. She couldn't get close enough to me.

I got to cross another Dallas item off my list: watch the sunset at White Rock Lake. It did not disappoint! I plan on taking many more trips in the future.

Days with gorgeous weather, (this Spring has been delightful, has it not??) delicious salads, and captivating books.

Birthday parties for brave friends I don't get to see often enough!

Also on the list - helpful neighbors to kill roaches and mow my lawn, reseasoning cast iron pans, and getting excited about tasty food thanks to D Mag's newest issue.

What have you been loving lately?
Expect another recipe soon. Like, this week!

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