Sunday, October 20, 2013

apple pickin' season.

You totally didn't believe me when I said I was going apple picking, did you?
"She lives in the city!", you thought. "It's the name of her blog!", you exclaimed.

Well, hah. I totally went apple picking. Some girls from my community group tagged along as well. It was an absolutely gorgeous day to boot!
I called ahead to Henrietta Apple Orchards (incidentally, the only apple orchard in the surrounding area) and she said most trees were already empty, but I was welcome to search through the "seconds in apples". That basically means it's what's left over from the harvest. Not the prettiest or biggest, but perfect for baking, which we all know is what I plan on using them for. Not to mention, they were only 70 cents a pound! Ya'll know I had to buy 9 lbs, right?

Check it out.

What a fun, adventurous, gorgeous day!
I can't wait to post some delicious recipes. Ya'll are gonna get tired of apples.
Is that even possible?

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