Wednesday, October 9, 2013

now hear this - local natives.

Last night I was one of those annoying concert-goers. You know, the ones who think they know all the songs until it becomes very apparent there's a whole other album out that they didn't even know about.
So, half the time I was bobbing my head and loving the show. The other half, I was like "how do I not know this?? It's great!"

I immediately went home and bought the album I had only 12 hours before not even been aware of.
As should ya'll.

Local Natives not only put on a great show, but have a great album to back it up. You know how sometimes the show doesn't match what you hear on the album, or vise versa? That is not the case here.
Their most recent, Hummingbird, is perfect for late-night driving when you need to wind down.
The previous album, Gorilla Manor, is more upbeat, yet drips with heartache. It's delightful.

A few of my favorites, here:
You & I, from Hummingbird.

Airplanes, from Gorilla Manor.

This will be on repeat for a while.
What have you been listening to lately??


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