Friday, October 4, 2013

these boots were made for walking.

This will sort of be a silly post, but I'm okay with that.

3 or 4 years ago, I bought a pair of faux-suede boots from Forever 21 for $12. Had I known how attached I'd be to them, I would've bought out the whole stock. I have seriously considered taking them to a shoemaker to see if they could either a) salvage my poor, defeated boots, or b) make me another custom pair.
I finally found another pair from Nine West that was comparable and would serve as the most decent replacement for the shoes I'd come to love.

So. On Tuesday, I went to the State Fair with my old boots and we had our last day together.
This is that day in photos. (Also, go to the State Fair! It's such a blasty.)

 My boots and I hung out at home for a while.

Then we met up with Peter and took the train to Fair Park.

 We said "hey" to Big Tex and paid homage to the old one.

 We ate our weight in fried food. No regrets. This is a fried spinach dip bite. Yum.

 On the left is the fried Cuban which won Best Taste this year. On the right is a fried king ranch casserole. It was maybe my favorite.

My boots and I went to the auto show at Peter's request.

Then we rode a nausea-inducing ride at my request. (Or maybe the nausea was just the fried food..?)

Fried millionaire pie. This dish lasted about 2 minutes before it was devoured.

 We rode the tallest Ferris wheel in North America (!!!), The Texas Star. It was a nice way to relax with full bellies.

We accidentally collected rocks.

We ate more fried food! You can't go to the fair and NOT get a Fletcher's corny dog.

It was a fabulous day full of firsts and lasts.
And now I am forcing myself to throw away my holey, stained, delightful boots.

Have you ever had an article of clothing you could hardly bear to part with?
Happy Friday, ya'll!

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