Thursday, November 21, 2013

things to do - tanoshii ramen.

I already mentioned Dallas' newest (and only!) ramen shop, but I finally had the chance to go the other night!
The idea was completely on a whim, on a Saturday night at 6 or 7, so I was pretty positive I wasn't going to be eating ramen that night. I'd already prepared my mind for pizza or sushi (both of which are great options).
They shockingly were able to seat us immediately. I was thrilled! I may have even done a minor happy dance at the hostess station.

I knew I wanted my first time visiting to be plain and simple Tonkotsu ramen. On subsequent visits I'll be a little more exciting, but I wanted to see what Tanoshii was all about, starting with the roots.

The pork belly steamed buns were awesome. A burst of flavor in my mouth with juuuust the right amount of heat.
They didn't last long.

The ramen itself was not bad at all. I liked Austin's Tatsu-Ya Ramen better, but that would've been hard to beat. Tanoshii still had flavorful broth, slurpy noodles, and a delicious bit of pork belly to top it.

Highly recommend, ya'll!


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