Tuesday, February 25, 2014

now hear this - phantogram (+ some).

Normally I don't write music posts unless I've recently been to a concert, but I couldn't keep this one quiet! I'm a huge sucker for dream-pop, synth-y bands - especially if they have a female singer - and ya'll, Phantogram delivers. Just in case I wasn't totally sold, they throw in a few solid R&B beats to really seal the deal.
I bought their album, Voices, that came out last Tuesday which is pretty unusual for me. I'd heard 2 or 3 of the songs on XM, but sometimes you just know you're going to like the whole album based on a few songs.
Fall in Love - Phantogram

They're coming April 23rd if anyone wants to come with. I will definitely be going. Ya'll know I can't pass up a chance to shake my booty.
Black Out Days - Phantogram

Also, as a sort of taste-tester, here's a single that's been making the rounds on AltNation and XMU. You guessed it: female singer, synth-y beats. I swear I listen to more than just this. Her voice is comparable to Imogen Heap.
This song is called Bridges by Broods. Can't. Stop. Listening.
Bridges - Broods

Which type of music are you a total sucker for?
Also, I'm not the only one who listens to songs on repeat when you find a particularly catchy one, right?

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