Wednesday, March 19, 2014

things to do in dallas - arboretum.

A few weeks ago, I grabbed my friend Brittany and we headed to the Dallas Blooms exhibit at the Arboretum. It features all the best tulips, but we went during the first week, so most blooms were too shy to show their faces just yet.

We still got some great pictures, basked in the beautiful sun, enjoyed our Arnold Palmers, and held an impromptu photo shoot at the request (demand?) of a photographer who was nice enough to document our presence there.

During the off months (including the very hot summer months), the arboretum is only $5. You can bring food and wine for fun picnic or just lay in the grass on a nice day. It's a really great way to spend an afternoon. They also have a concert series every Thursday during the spring and summer months that features great cover bands and usually sells out pretty quickly. It's also an excellent way to enjoy a cool summer night.
Also, fun fact: parking is 50% off if you buy online. It's $10 if you pay when you get there.

Get out there, ya'll!

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