Friday, March 14, 2014

things to do in dallas - coffee shops, pt 2.

This is part 2 of a coffee shop series that I'm doing based on some of the fun and quirky places to get your caffeine fix in Dallas. Part 1 can be found here.
Like I mentioned in the first post, these places don't necessarily have the best coffee around, but are unique to Dallas and worth checking out. Also, I ordered a nonfat vanilla latte at each shop to keep things on a level playing field.

Alcove (Uptown)
Wine bar by night, coffee shop by day, this versatile drink stop likened Starbucks to McDonald's when I visited. Pretentious? Sure. Correct? Absolutely. To this day, one of the better lattes I've ever had. Cool, open vibe with lots of couches.

Bolsa Mercado (North Oak Cliff)
This small market, coffee house, and wine shop is a fun place to go if you're looking for very specific organic groceries or some local Texan wines. The atmosphere is open but cozy and makes for good studying. They have a signature latte that I've ordered before, but wouldn't recommend. Decent food options as well.

Pearl Cup (Richardson; Arts District)
Their flagship Henderson Avenue location recently shut down, may it rest in peace, but their Richardson location is still open. They also have a smaller version of the same in the Arts District by the DMA. Their signature Pearl Latte was voted best in Dallas and for good reason. It's not overly sweet, yet remains silky smooth to drink. Oh, how I miss it.

Sip Stir (Uptown)
This is the only place that I didn't technically order a vanilla latte. The barista talked me into a Creme Brulee latte which is the same, but with caramelized sugar on top. Sigh. I couldn't resist. The shop was bright and open with some outdoor seating available. The coffee wasn't the best, though. Not many places to lounge, either.

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