Monday, April 21, 2014

happy monday! [week 2]

Another week of my #100happydays is in the books!
Check out my progress.

 Day 8 - awesome post-massage hair.
 Day 9 - happy dogblurs.
 Day 10 -  received a barkbox in the mail!
and learned that dogs love kale, apparently.
Use that link for $5 off your first box! Totally worth the fun toys and treats!
 Day 11 - found bright and beautiful rhubarb at Central Market!
(and made some fantastic pie)
Day 12 - this man makes me utterly happy.
He could be the subject for every last one of my 100 happy days.
Day 13 - the most beautiful clouds in the sky on a bright Easter morning.
Day 14 - my sweet friend, Brooke, and I checked out
Crisp Salad Company on Lower Greenville. Yum!

How's your happy Monday going?

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