Thursday, April 24, 2014

things to do in dallas - crushcraft thai.

I recently started on night shift at work, a requirement for all new interns to the ICU. It's something I've miraculously escaped in my 4 years of nursing - truthfully something I'd hoped to escape forever. But here I am, struggling to stay up past 1 am, learning that coffee should be limited after 3 am, and constantly on the lookout for good food that's open past midnight.
So thank goodness for Crushcraft Thai. This street eats style Thai restaurant is open til 3 am on the weekends and serves lunch during the week on top of dinner service. It's a casual, fast-foody type of place with a fun atmosphere meant to emulate the bright colors and graffiti of busy Thailand streets.
And the food? While I can't speak for actual Thai street food having never been there, I can say this: it's good. Really good. The flavors are spot on, the proportions perfectly filling, and the options change up frequently enough to keep it fun and to keep you coming back. Every day they have a piece of butcher paper with 2 staff selections vying for your winning vote on top of their usual menu. Oh, did I mention that nearly every entree is under $10?
Jamie definitely won this round by ordering the Khao Soi, the chicken coconut curry soup you see here. It was phenomenal in flavor and had just enough kick to make us start to sniffle.

Ya'll. Go here now. Tell me how good it was.
Or just take me with you when you go.

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