Monday, April 28, 2014

happy monday! [week 3]

Happy Monday, ya'll!

Day 15 - I went to the dentist for my last Invisalign appointment EVER!
That makes me a very, very happy girl after 14 months.
Day 16 - an awesomely huge mural located in Deep Ellum
found on the way to Angry Dog for hot dogs and queso.
Day 17 - puppy snuggles on a day I allowed myself to sleep in.
Day 18 - the bessssst cookies! Look for the recipe next week!
Day 19 - living out my high school fantasies - EDGEFEST!
Bastille, CHVRCHES, Kongos, The Neighbourhood. Suh good.
Day 20 - a little indulgence I allowed myself. I'm just telling myself
it's a reward for surviving the first week of night shift. ;)

How's your #100happydays progress going?

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