Monday, May 12, 2014

happy monday! [week 5]

For more posts on my #100happydays progress, click here.
This has been my week:
Day 28 - I had to document this day. $2.89/gal? Ya'll, that's unheard of.
(May or may not have been possible thanks to Tom Thumb rewards.)
Day 29 - I treated myself to a spa day. Pedicure, cut and color, pure relaxation.
Day 30 - This girl. All day, every day.
Day 31 - selfie status. I was loving on my new cut and color from
aforementioned spa day. Those first few days after a new hair cut are the best!
Day 32 - celebration for this sweet friend at Bowl and Barrel!
We had a blast celebrating her 25th birthday!
Day 33 - this technically happened on day 32 (notice the bling in the picture above)
but I didn't want to steal birthday thunder, so I kept it under wraps. Ya'll! Happiest of the happies.
Or as my friend Julie said, "ten million happy days". Truth. So excited to start this venture!
Day 34 - I won a Starbucks gift card in the Nurse's Week raffle on my unit! If you haven't
recognized the nurses in your life, today is the last official day of Nurse's Week. Do it now!

So. Much. Happy.

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