Monday, May 19, 2014

happy monday! [week 6]

For additional #100happydays progress, check here.

 Day 35 - dinner with a sweet friend at Liberty Burger and *free* coconut cream pie!
That's what we get for staying until they closed.
 Day 36 - I noticed these Indian Paintbrushes in my backyard and had to capture them
before we mowed them down. Such a sweet pop of color in my yard!
Day 37 - the weather lately has been just delightful. I want to be outside forever!

Day 38 - this was a combination of #100happydays and #tbt. We 3 used to be inseparable!
Day 39 - sometimes an afternoon bowl of cereal is really all it takes to make me happy.
Day 40 - this marked the beginning of an excellent 3-day weekend with my boo.
We got this questionable poutine at The Blind Butcher. Go check it out.
Day 41 - backyard loungin'.

Happy days!

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