Thursday, May 29, 2014

things i love lately - may 2014

This month has been one of the best, like, ever.
I didn't really make a huge hubbub about my engagement on my happy Monday post, so I thought I'd kind of brag on my man here. He is, after all, the reason it's been such a fabby month!

So, without further ado, my engagement story:
--Peter and I were about to head to a friend's birthday party when he said he needed to get a gift for me out of his car. He'd told me he was waiting on a package and that he'd gotten me something earlier in the week. I jokingly asked, "is it a ring?" because I was so sure it wasn't. Clearly he caught me completely off guard! When he came back, he handed me a study Bible I'd been wanting. It was one of those things I'd mentioned off-hand and was surprised he even knew it was something I wanted. So, I was gushing about it, thanking him, and he told me to open the box to see if it was the one I actually wanted. My name was engraved on the front...with his last name. I was shocked to see that -- he wasn't allowed to call me that yet! Then I looked up and he had the ring out and asked me to marry him! I cried and "omgomgomgomg'd", then of course finally said "YES!" It was so thoughtful and so great that it was just us to share that moment. I always kind of thought I'd want family and friends there, but this couldn't have been more perfect.--

Now let's all say a collective "awwww" and check out what else has made this month awesome!

The hard-fought playoff series between my Mavs and those icky guys, the Spurs.
Southern comfort meals from eagerly anticipated date nights.

 Days off work spent pretending we're tourists in our own city.
Super spicy meals and the red-faced giggles that accompany them.
Much needed rainfall quenching the city's thirst.
Quiet walks at dusk through our favorite neighborhoods with ice cream in our hands.
This. Because sometimes I get embarrassed over how excited/upset/amazed/generally just emotional I get about things, but sometimes it's okay to just wear that emotion out in the open.

This booger, of course.
And these two boogers together, of course.

Not to mention: we started Merge last night and are v v excited about it. And I get to see my favorite college professor tomorrow. So, pretty darn good month!

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