Monday, June 23, 2014

happy monday! [week 11]

I am so excited about this coming week -- my BIRTHWEEK, ya'll.
It will be all happy, all week! In fact, Peter ensured that my birthday celebrations started a bit early by taking me on a hot date this past weekend. So glad I have a man that understands that birthweeks are a thing. YES.

On to this past week! (And previous weeks, here!)

Day 70 - My Save the Dates came in! Eeeep! So excited to get things rolling, ya'll.
Day 71 - Hah, sometimes I struggle on days I work to come up with happy things. Sometimes all it takes to make me happy is coffee. And hospital coffee at that!
Day 72 - Wednesday nights are quickly becoming my favorite night of the week because they mean a) Merge!, and b) I get to see my man on night I normally wouldn't get to. Awesome. Side note: if you're engaged or seriously dating, I could not recommend Merge more. It has been awesome for our relationship. 
Day 73 - For some reason, I was hell-bent on having a rubber stamp for my Save the Dates. Turns out Deep Ellum has a custom stamp shop because OF COURSE they do. Loved supporting such a cute local business.
Day 74 - My sweet friend Rachel came into town and we squeeeezed in some time before I went to work to have a (very) early dinner. We are grannies.
Day 75 - Happy Summer Solstice! We used the longest day of the year to eat on a patio and drink on a rooftop. Not a bad way to spend the first day of summer! I've mentioned it before, but this is (so far) my favorite drink in Dallas. It may lose that title after I eat at Gemma on Thursday. I hear their blood orange margarita is to die for.
Day 76 - Sometimes I take making lunch at home very seriously. Got this flank steak with chimichurri sauce recipe from Epicurious. So quick, so easy, so impressive.

So excited for festivities to commence! To keep track, follow me on instagram - @em_andthecity!

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