Monday, June 16, 2014

happy monday! [week 10]

My favorite part of the #100happydays are the moments that you want to capture because they would totally fit into the challenge, but they're simply not captureable: the neck snuggles my pup gives me, waking up in the morning to a dark room and the sound of a steady rain outside, the warm spot left behind on my bed by my Penny girl, the smell of smoke and grills as I walk the neighborhood during the summer.
The project has certainly made me appreciate much more around me.

 Day 63 - I will never find better nighttime driving music. Ya'll. Try it.
 Day 64 - sometimes when you get home from the hospital, all you want is Trix cereal and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Sometimes your fiance goes to the grocery store to get precisely those things.
 Day 65 - hah, this was the weirdest thing. I went to get my oil changed and my car inspected and I made an immediate best friend. She would not lay off. Here, she's kneading my stomach. Oof.
 Day 66 - ohhh my word, I finally got back on my yoga game after about a month away. Sometimes you just need to work out. That was definitely this. It kicked my tail in the best way possible.
 Day 67 - everytime I get this snugglebug groomed, she comes back with more and more speckles. It kills me. Her little cow spots make me happy. 
Day 68 - this is my true happy place: butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla. Nothing makes me happier.
Day 69 - my dad is simply the best. Nuff said.

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