Monday, June 30, 2014

happy monday! [week 12]

Y'all. My birthweek was one of the best I've had. So much good stuff going on.
I am one happy and utterly blessed girl. Thanks to all who made this week amazing and who celebrated me.

 Day 77 - Efficiency is key when mailing Save the Dates. I felt pretty silly standing in the post office like this, but it sure made things happen faster!
 Day 78 - I am totally the dog mom who takes her pup to doggy daycare. And they are great because they send me pictures of Penny having a good time during the day. Love!
 Day 79 - I made this cake batter puppy chow to take to Merge and - full disclosure - it went stale immediately, which is why there was no blog post with the recipe. It tasted awesome and seriously just like birthday cake, but the butter in the recipe caused it to get almost soggy. Gross!
 Day 80 - Have ya'll been to the FOE pool yet? You need to go. This day was perfect for sunbathing. Also, it was my actual birthday! Hurray!
 Day 81 - Every year for our family's birthdays, my mom makes whatever meal we want. I almost always choose this homemade pizza. It's juuust the best.
 Day 82 - Some friends and I went to Mesa for my birthday dinner on Saturday night. I got this drink made with horchata and we had a seriously great time. The executive chef came out and serenaded us with Spanish ballads! Definitely an unforgettable birthday.
Day 83 - This dessert was part of the birthday dinner my mom made for me. I requested "anything funfetti" because I am a child and I love sprinkles. She did not disappoint with these sugar cookie cheesecake bars! Sooo yummy.

For more good stuff, check it out here.

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