Tuesday, July 1, 2014

things i love, lately - june 2014.

June was such a great month!
Thanks to all my sweet friends who supported me while I was in the hospital, celebrated me during my golden birthday, and just generally made me realize how blessed I am! I don't deserve ya'll, but I am so glad to have ya'll.

Oh, mushy mushy. On to the best things about last month - I realize I'm a day late in posting!

Yes, this was technically the last day of May, but my sweet friend, Alethea, got married! Could not be happier for her. Just watching her stare googly-eyed at Alan makes me happy.

This art exhibit at The Public Trust in Deep Ellum. It was eye-opening and saddening, but rich.

 These delightful cinnamon roll puffs. Sometimes breakfast deserves a little more time than cereal and milk.

Squeeeezing in extra time to see friends who are visiting.

Now for BIRTHWEEK festivities which deserves an extra-special section because it was seriously so extra-special this year. The week leading up to it mostly just consisted of doing all of my favorite things in Dallas. Can't go wrong there!
 To start things off, the weekend before, Peter took me to get my favorite drink from HG Sply Co. And they had a frozen version! What!? Also, adore their sweet rooftop garden.

 On my actual birthday, we enjoyed coffee and breakfast (including but not limited to red velvet pancakes) at Oddfellows, followed by a breezy walk around Bishop Arts and an afternoon poolside at FOE.
We finished the day off at Gemma - a new restaurant on Henderson Ave that I'd been dying to try. Ya'll, get there now. It was excellent. I got pappardelle with braised rabbit and Peter got the flat iron steak. Oh my word, I can't wait to go back. The service was impeccable and the atmosphere fresh and light.

Saturday, I got together with some friends for dinner and a show, hah. We went to Mesa where we danced, cheered, had a great time and got a round of shots from the chef. We followed dinner up with a burlesque show at Texas Theater. It was ridiculous and hysterical.
Lobster enchiladas(!!!)

What would you do on your birthday if you got to do all your favorite things? Of course mine would revolve around eating...

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