Monday, July 7, 2014

happy mondays! [week 13]

I can't believe I've made it so close to the end of my #100happydays challenge and have legitimately not forgotten to do a single day! What!
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 Day 84 - I finally got to check out The Wild Detectives, a new coffee shop that recently opened in the Bishop Arts District. It was cute and quaint and you can expect a post about it soon. ;)
 Day 85 - the weather has been so mild this summer and my pup and I have really been enjoying our evening walks as a result. I love stopping to chat with neighbors in my sweet neighborhood!
 Day 86 - Yes, yes, I'm 26 and still chew my nails. Hopefully this gel manicure (so sparkly!) will help once and for all to break the habit.
 Day 87 - few things make me happier than bing cherry season.
 Day 88 - Ohhh, you guys. I've just discovered the beauty of small-batch cookie recipes. What's better than only making 4 cookies at a time?? That way I don't have to feel guilty when I eat them all!
 Day 89 - can you tell how excited I am that we're having such a mild summer?? *knock on wood* It makes getting off work so much nicer.
Day 90 - Delicious soppressata garlic knots from Zoli's. 'Nuff said.

Any suggestions about what I should do when I reach the end?

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