Wednesday, July 9, 2014

things to do in dallas - white rock lake.

A few weekends ago, I was given Merge homework to take Pete on a date. It needed to be something he wouldn't expect, something out of the ordinary, that wasn't dinner and a movie.
I had the perfect plan and just knew he'd never guess my faaaabulous date idea. The weekend came, and the day before he got gloriously sunburned. My date idea took place outside (because, ew, the outdoors are not my fave, but they are certainly his) so this threw a kink into things. I mentioned that we could still go if he just wanted to place a towel on his legs. From THAT clue, he guessed the ENTIRE date! What?!

He said, "Oh, my legs, huh? Are you taking me kayaking?"
I said, "...*blink blink*..."
He said, "And you said lunch, too, right? So that would be BBQ, most likely. Pecan Lodge?"
I said, "...*incredulous blinkblinkblink*..."

Ridiculous. Either he's too predictable or I am.

Long story short, we still haven't made our way to Pecan Lodge (but you totally should, it's fantastic), but over the long holiday weekend, we went to White Rock Lake to kayak - sans sunburn.
We had such a nice time! Again, with this delightfully mild summer weather, we enjoyed some sun, but didn't melt into the floor of our kayak. We rented a tandem kayak for an hour from White Rock Paddle Co (a business idea I wish I'd come up with!) and explored an area that branches off from the main lake. It was rugged enough for him while remaining perfectly arm's length from too much wildlife for me. Win-win!
I highly recommend, ya'll. Not to mention, there's so much more to do than just kayak! At White Rock Paddle Co alone, you can also rent canoes or stand-up paddleboards. There's also a great dog park at the lake that allows your pups to get in the lake and swim around. You can walk the trail, bike, picnic, or watch the sunset from one of the most beautiful sight-seeing spots in the city.
It truly is a little escape in the middle of all the busyness that comes with living in Dallas.

Have you ever been to White Rock? What's your favorite thing to do there? What did I miss?

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