Monday, July 21, 2014

happy monday! [final week]

Phew. Ya'll. I am finished with my #100happydays challenge!
Some of ya'll are probably thinking, "ohmuhguh, finally". Some of ya'll might be kinda bummed out.
I sympathize with both sides, ha.
Ultimately, I enjoyed see if I could find the small things to be thankful for every day. Some days it was a bit tedious, but most of the time I appreciated the way I was challenged to see something beautiful in the simple everyday.
For alllll the other weeks, click here.
Now read on for the final 3 days of the challenge!

 Day 98 - Okay, this is something I cannot wait for. Restaurant Week in DFW actually spans 3 weeks during which several (usually pretty expensive) restaurants offer a fixed 3 to 4-course menu at a certain price - either $35 or $45. Proceeds go towards North Texas Food Bank and those who participate get to stuff their faces with gourmet food for much cheaper than they normally would. We already have plans to go to Tei-An and Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse and I. Am. Stoked.
 Day 99 - I snapped this beautiful sunrise as I headed home one Sunday morning from work. It's never fun to work Saturday night, but there's something so refreshing about driving home the next morning when no one else is on the road. It also helped that lately it's been 70* when I get off work. In July! Get outta here.
Day 100 - This day was particularly special because I finished 2 major important events. One, obviously, was the challenge. But the other was Merge - something I regard as incredibly important in today's divorce-obsessed world. I highly recommend this class if you plan to get married anytime soon or think that could be in the plans for you and your significant other. It made us bring up hard topics and, yeah, sometimes it brought up arguments, but these conversations were so important to have before we get married and they only served to make us stronger as a couple.

Okay. Off my soapbox.
Happy days, y'all. I hope you're having a fabby one.

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