Friday, August 1, 2014

california 2014.

Have you ever gone a vacation where you're simply relaxing and enjoying just being still so much that you forget to, oh, I dunno...take pictures to actually document that you were there? That was me this past week in California. I promise I actually did spend 6 days on Sunset Beach, but the whopping 9 photos I have to prove it might say otherwise.

It was such a niiiiice vacation, though!
We laid out. We tanned. We ate and ate and ate. Oof. We read books. We strolled leisurely along the shore, letting the waves lap at our ankles. We had a mini engagement photo session. I got a mani-pedi and a massage while my man rode a motorcycle around the hills and valleys of LA. We laid out some more. We tanned some more.

Can I go back?

 Okay, yes, I did take a bite out of each donut to taste them. Don't judge me.

#nofilter. Truly. Beautiful.

Who here has read Gone Girl?? I die.
Is there any specific place for you that's basically heaven on earth? Sunset Beach comes close for me.

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