Thursday, August 28, 2014

things i love, lately - august 2014.

What a fantastically hot, coffee-filled, night shiftin' month August has been.
Here's what made it so great.

Time spent with this sweet boy who turns ONE at the end of this month!
When did that happen??
Also, his first ever selfie (sort of). Best.

This study in this coffee shop.

Snuggle time and face licks from this sweet girl.

Early morning breakfasts that look as good as they taste.

Vegan power cookies and vanilla lattes from here.

Nights that start with guac, end with fajitas, and have friends everywhere in between.

Needed to share, very briefly: I finally got a (very) little blurb published in the Dallas Observer's online food blog, City of Ate! Super excited about this, ya'll.
If I could make my eyes turn into hearts like my favorite emoji, that's what I would look like right now.

See the story here, then gogogo to Perini Ranch because YUM.

I like food, can you tell?
Hope your August was a good one. Here's to a fast-approaching Fall!

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