Friday, January 18, 2013

things to do - Original El Fenix

Welcome to the first installment of another blog headliner that I'd like to keep up. I have an ever-growing list of things I want to do while I live in Dallas, so when I complete an item, I plan on sharing with you!
This particular item from the list was that I wanted to go to the original El Fenix. There are several locations around DFW, but the original is located on McKinney and has so much rich history! It's basically where Tex-Mex was created, so I'm pretty sure that makes it my mecca. Have I ever told ya'll that I bleed Tex-Mex? I do.

In other, related news: I am completely kicking myself right now for not taking my camera with me everywhere! That should have been one of my New Year's resolutions. If you'll please forgive the lack of pictures. All I had was my iPhone. Womp womp.
Anyway, onward!

This first picture is definitely not one that I took. You can find the original here.
I went at nighttime, so all my photos of the neon sign are blurry. But can't you just feel the delicious emanating through your computer screen? I know you can.

We went with our friends, the Shamlians! They are a blast and thought it was kind of goofy that this was on my list of Dallas To-Do's, but humored me anyway.

These chips are perfectly crispy and crunchy and I know you're probably thinking "all tortilla chips are alike", but you are so wrong, my friend!

Ideally, future posts of this nature will be much more content-filled. I promise to bring my camera from now on! I will also share my entire list with you in an upcoming post.
What's on your list of Things to Do in Dallas? I want to know!


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