Monday, March 11, 2013

now hear this - royal teeth.

When I bought my car in 2011, it came with a free year-long subscription to Sirius XM. My dad warned me that after the year was up, I wouldn't be able to get rid of it because I was going to like it too much. I didn't believe him.

You'd think I would know better than that after 24 years. He was right.
I don't even mind the monthly cost, though. To me, all the new indie music I'm treated to is more than worth it.
Last night is a prime example. Two bands came into town for $10 (!!!) and I never would have heard of them if not for Sirius. I owe any hipster cred I have (uh, not much) to my XM radio.

I present: Royal Teeth ft. American Authors.
Both are great, poppy bands. And both are bands you should check out, like, rightnow.

American Authors opened and put on a really great show. If you want to know which song to listen to, Believer is their single out right now.

One of the band members is originally from Texas, so a bunch of his family was there, cheering him on. His adorable aunt was standing next to us and dancing her little heart out. She excitedly asked us when the set was over if we enjoyed it. We did!

After American Authors, Royal Teeth came on. They have two lead singers, a male and female, who make great harmonies together. Their music is just plain fun.

During the last song, their single Wild, the lead guy came out into the audience with his snare and we basically had a drum circle going around him.

Overall, total blast! Thanks, House of Blues, for having such a great, cheap show.
Rock on, ya'll.


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