Friday, March 8, 2013

things to do - farmer's market

I got to shrink my ever-expanding List O' Things to Do in Dallas today by not one, but TWO things!
My sweet friend Maggie and I had been planning to go to the Dallas Farmer's Market for a while, but things kept getting in our way. We finally carved out this time today and made a trip downtown!

Unfortunately, it was a yucky day and it started raining on us about an hour into our adventure. We did, however, get to check out what's touted as the "best BBQ in Dallas" and it was excellent!
I got the Hot Mess - a jumbo sweet potato stuffed with barbacoa, cheese, chipotle cream sauce, and topped with green onions. I only finished half, but I'm already brainstorming ways to recreate the dish at home. YUM, ya'll.
 Ugh, please ignore the fact that I'm a 5-year old and pushed all the green onions to the side.

After Pecan Lodge, we wandered around the market in the drizzle. I got some green beans and white onions and tasted some of the best grapefruit ever. Must go back for that someday.

Aside from the weather, it was a great day full of color and delicious food. There's nothing quite like a farmer's market to bring you back down to earth.

Also, because I promised this once upon a time, here's the rest of my Dallas bucket list:
Ride the McKinney Ave Trolley
Participate in Restaurant Week
Fuel City Tacos
Stay at the W
Dishcrawl (more details on this, coming soon!)
Go to a roller derby bout
Watch the sunset from White Rock Lake
Go to a midnight showing at Inwood Theater (ya'll, they do Rocky Horror Picture show, like, once a month. Other movies of note: the Goonies, Indiana Jones, etc. Awesome.)
Tour Deep Ellum Brewery (but Emily, you don't even like beer! ...and?)
Go to an FC Dallas game
See a Lakewood burlesque show
Technically not on the list anymore, but I've been draaaagging my feet making a post about it:
Go to a Dallas Stars game. Coming to a blog near you, soon, I promise!

What's on your city's bucket list? Am I missing something crucial from my Dallas list? Let me know!


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