Monday, March 25, 2013

things I love - march.

I've been slacking.
Every day I tell myself I need to write a new blog post. Then I get so caught up going on really exciting adventures watching illegal episodes of Girls online, that the next thing I know, I've gone one more day without posting.

Sorry 'bout that.
But. I'm back. With another Things I Love post. This month's been a good one.

St. Patrick's Day was this month and instead of celebrating like I intended, I spent the day at my grandma's funeral, celebrating her life instead. I also got to catch the sunset that evening and it was an excellent one. I like to think she was probably watching the sun go down with me.

This month also marked the beginning of something seriously great: my Watermark community group! These girls are incredible and I can't wait to share my life with them and grow with them.

Also included for the month of March - these gorgeous, juicy blood oranges that came in my CSA. I'd never eaten one before. And now I never want to stop. YOU GUYS, they taste like citrus berries!

This gift from Pete's mom tops my list of things I love this month. So so sweet and girly. Le sigh.

Other things I love this month in no particular order: the Kanrocksas ticket my parents bought me (way) early for my birthday, that it's light outside when I leave work (!!!), and the dishcrawl I'm participating in on April 7th!

I mentioned this a few posts ago as an item on my List O' Things To Do in Dallas. Basically, you pay $40 to venture throughout Uptown and taste-test at 8 different area restaurants. I am always game for food and I thought this would be a great way to explore my city a little more. The crawls occasionally come with a tour guide who tells you some history about the places you're visiting.
I'm way excited about this and there are plenty of tickets left. How fun would it be if it was a huge group of people we all knew? Let's make that happen!! Go buy your tickets!

Hope to see you all there and to munch on goodies with you.

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  1. ohh i've heard of those dish crawl things, i wanted to do one in austin sometime this summer maybe. maybe you can come down and do one with me :)