Sunday, April 7, 2013

things to do in dallas - dishcrawl.

Today was the ultimate "get-to-know-your-city" adventure.
I, along with 5 friends, bought tickets to a Dallas dishcrawl. The idea is that the event allows you to experience restaurants that maybe you always pass, but have never gone in to try. You get a small sampling of what's on the menu, all while exploring the city, walking from place to place. Plus, it sort of has a sense of mystery. You don't find out which restaurants are participating (or even where to start your city scavenger hunt!) until 48 hours before the crawl.

Typically, the crawls are accompanied by guided tours of the area. This particular dishcrawl had us explore on our own, but we got to taste from 8 different eateries, rather than the usual 4.

I tried to document along the way, but mostly got caught up chasing down the McKinney Ave Trolley (YES! Crossed that off my list!), complaining about my feet hurting, and tasting some seriously awesome food.

First on the list was Meso Maya, a Mexican restaurant near the original El Fenix. They served a fish and shrimp ceviche that was excellent. Will definitely be going back to check out the full menu.
Next, we went to Shooters, a sports bar type place in Victory Square. Decent tacos, outrageous prices. Probably won't go back.

After that, we headed to 6th St Bar which had a great chicken sandwich, but was loud and didn't really fit in with the other restaurants. I'm sure it's a different atmosphere when it's not 3 in the afternoon.
Next was Momo's Pasta. I could have drowned in their vodka sauce and died happy. Yum.
Practically next door was British Beverage Co which was a cool little pub. We met some older ladies also doing the crawl here and became BFFs. The drink selection was excellent and it had a cool vibe. I'd check it out again during nighttime and see what that scene is like.

Across the street was JoJo's Eating House and Bar where we had an incredibly fishy bouillabaisse and a fantastic waitress. Dallas seems to be lacking in the wait service department as a whole, so it's always really great to find a place that hires well. I'd go back to check out the rest of the menu.

If you're wondering how full we were at this point, think Thanksgiving Dinner. Woof.

Only two left! This is when we ran down McKinney Ave to catch the trolley and hopped off a few blocks later at POP Diner. Hands down my favorite place for the ambiance alone (winner of taste goes to Meso Maya). I will definitely be going back to check out their breakfast or late-night eats (they're open 24 hours!).
Finally, we caught the trolley back to Klyde Warren Park where we began our adventure at the Trailercakes food truck. I'd actually heard of this one and had been wanting to check it out, so I was glad they let us take their extra cupcakes even though we were an hour and a half late.

8 restaurants in 3 hours on foot is no easy feat!
Overall, fantastic day. I already look forward to the next one. You should totally come with me next time.


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