Thursday, June 20, 2013

things i love - june.

I've been in such a weird head space lately.
I haven't done much of note, which is why there haven't been many posts.
It's my birthmonth! Of all months, you'd think this one would be packed with awesome.
I think I've just been busy lately, but the boring kind of busy.
Aside from being the month of my birthday, though, June is a pretty awesome one. It officially brings summer in and feels like vacation, adventure, and tan skin.


There has been some pretty great stuff about this month.

 Dinner dates with my favorite college professor.

 Trying fried green tomatoes for the first time at this rustic restaurant.

Sweet funfetti made from scratch for all the June babies in my community!

Unexpected snuggles from my favorite girl.

This AWESOME mystery bruise. Ya'll. I never bruise. Exciting.
And, obviously, favorite thing about this month is that my birthday is 6 days away
So, yeah, I suppose I've been awfully busy being an adult this month, but it's also been fabulous evidently. And gosh, could I post more pictures of food? Embarrassing.
Has your June been awesome, too?

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