Saturday, June 29, 2013

things to do in dallas - bishop arts dishcrawl.

Remember that DishCrawl I went on in April?
Well, I went on another and you totally missed out twice in a row! You have to come next time.

This one was in the Bishop Arts District in Oakcliff and was equally as awesome as the last.
My friend, Alethea, came with me and we had a great time! The best part about dishcrawls (excepting the food, obviously) is the fun people you meet. Generally, there's an influx of people into these restaurants all at once, so you end up inviting or being invited to sit with people you don't know. Nothing better than meeting new people over great food.

First we went to WhiteHall Exchange. They served us Korean BBQ Sliders and I will definitely be coming back here to check out the rest of what they offer. The brunch menu alone had me salivating. The food was really tasty, too!

Next, we walked over to Waldron Lodge where they served us pulled boar's meat BBQ with black beans. They offered a Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita here, too, that was incredibly refreshing and had a nice kick to it. The menu has lots of different game meats, so I liked the concept.

Next, we headed to Espumoso Caffe. It was a small, Colombian-style coffee shop. They gave us an acai bowl which I was especially excited about because, in California, Pete and I got Banzai Bowls several times and I've been craving them since. They gave us a small portion, but the large bowl which includes acai berries blended with juices and topped with granola, fruit, and honey was only $5.50. So happy to know there's an option like this near me! Yummm.

After that, we walked across the street to Dude, Sweet Chocolate. This was a place I'd been wanting to check out for a while. They make their chocolates in-house and have some seriously wild flavors. The chocolate they made specially for us dishcrawlers had sea salt and Szechuan peppercorns. It was tart and bitter, but not bad.

We made our way to the Simply Dosa food truck after that and ran into some dishcrawlers who told us this stop was by far the best one. It was super tasty Indian butter chicken tacos and it certainly packed a punch as well. I always forget butter chicken can be pretty warm because I request a "zero" level of spice when I order it. Hah.

Next, we crossed Davis St to visit 303 Bar & Grill. They gave us a lemon chicken and orzo sampling that was tasty. I'd been looking forward to this one, but didn't really get to peek at their full menu. I'll have to go back another time.

Finally, after skipping over Cafe Brazil's offering of migas (crazy, I know!) only because we were very full and had both eaten there before, we headed to La Original Michoacana. This was a basic paletera, but they dipped the ice cream pops in warm chocolate and rolled them in sprinkles or nuts before the chocolate froze. Yum! It was a good way to end the hot day.

I can't wait til the next one. They have a few coming up on Knox-Henderson that I would love to do, and one on Lower Greenville. So, you know. Holler if you wanna come.

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