Friday, January 10, 2014

things to do in dallas - fuel city tacos.

Ya'll. What a wild couple of weeks I've had. I'm finally settling down. Digging my new place in Oakcliff (holler) and my new roommate, Jamie, even more.

Especially because when she heard I'd never been to Fuel City Tacos, she knew she needed to fix that quick.

Fuel City Tacos has been on my ever-expanding list of must-dos in Dallas for a while now.
You'd never notice it if you drove past it on 35. It does a pretty good job at hiding out inside a gas station, but whoa; you are missing out if you've not tried these.
At $1.40 a pop, they truly can't be beat. Insane flavor, juicy meats, and super quick service. And they're open 24 hours! I'd go at 3am just for the people watching.

Don't forget to bring cash because that's all they accept.
And definitely get the chicken fajita taco. And apparently the elotes, which I learned they had after I'd already been. You'd better believe I'm going back for those soon.

Wanna come with me?

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