Tuesday, June 3, 2014

happy monday! [week 8]

Whew! You guys! I'm over halfway done with the challenge and still going strong. One night this week I posted a 11 pm, but it totally still counts.

I'm still enjoying the project and still loving how I can find joy in even brussels sprouts (see below). Hah!
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 Day 49 - homemade brunch from some sweet friends. Can't be beat!
 Day 50 - Ya'll. My brain is about to explode from all the wedding info that's been shoved into it in the last 3 weeks. Yikes!
 Day 51 - Pete and I started Merge! It's already been a great blessing to us. So excited to see what else is in store over the next 7 weeks!
 Day 52 - sometimes roasted veggies just really hit the spot. I had these brussels sprouts 3 days in a row, hah.
 Day 53 - Indian noms (we never get anything else) with my dear friend and former professor, Cole Bennett. He's pretty great, ya'll.
 Day 54 - Oh my word! What a joy to see this sweet friend get married to the man who is truly the love of her life. Their love and joy was infectious. Le sigh.
Day 55 - BISHOP CIDER CO is open! They have been waiting on this day for a long time and so have I! Currently they have 47 different cider selections to choose from (HUGE) and will start brewing their own 3 within the next week. I will be frequenting this place often, so if you want to check it out, HOLLER!

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