Monday, July 14, 2014

happy mondays! [week 14]

Oooh, so much goodness from this week.
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 Day 91 - My favorite photo from my sweet White Rock date with Peter. Whee!
 Day 92 - Ahhh! Ya'll! It's finally happening! My roommate and I are taking Europe by storm beginning August 28th. Get ready, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Barcelona, and Rome! We are MORE than ready.
 Day 93 - There's something so refreshing about late night chips and queso with a side of girl talk (okay, and maybe a margarita, too) with a sweet girlfriend.
 Day 94 - I just love bringing sweet treats to work. Simple joys.
 Day 95 - Oh. My. Word. You guys. I have the absolute sweetest wedding photographer ever. I am so so glad to have found her and could not be more excited to work with her. This welcome package came from her in the mail and completely made my week. Kate Spade gift card?? What!
 Day 96 - Have ya'll tried the s'mores calzone at Il Cane Rosso? Eeek. Guilty pleasure, ya'll.
Day 97 - I would blame it a bit on night shift, but there's really no excuse. I haven't gone to church or the Porch nearly as much as I would like lately. Yesterday really hit the spot and really spoke into my life to wake me up. Thank you, Lord! He knows exactly what we need.

3 days left! What!

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