Tuesday, July 15, 2014

quick thought.

Okay. Mini post.
I am terrrrible at keeping secrets. Like, every day since I bought the wedding gown, I've asked Peter if he wants to see it. I am a crazy person. For the record, the answer is always, "no, you crazy person" and besiiiides, I don't think I'd actually show him anyway. Maybe.

Anyway. I was going to keep this under wraps until I physically had it in my hands to show ya'll, but I'm way too excited.
I've been following She Reads Truth on instagram for a while and dabbling over at their blog, but hadn't committed to actually doing a Bible study along with their community. I finally decided to bite the bullet and went all out by buying TWO studies at once and got a free print along with it!

I am so so so times infinity excited to start this Bible study with this community of women. The heart and soul they pour into these studies is evident. Not to mention, so very aesthetically pleasing. Ya'll, run -- don't walk -- over to that site and snatch a study book up! Or! You don't even need the study book to go along, you can simply pick up the Good Word and follow along that way.

I think we could have some awesome discussion over this. Excited.
Anyone with me?

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